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Mexico Flights

With only a 1-2 hour difference and a 3-5 hour flight away from Mexio City, Mexico is very accesible country to most Americans, particularly for shorter vacations. It is a popular destination offering everything from resort experiences to adventure tourism. When travelling withn Mexico, flying from region to region is recommended, even for the most adventurous tourists as carjackings and highway robberies have remained a serious problem, both in broad daylight and at night. Resort areas and certain cities such as Mexico City are generally safe, as well as points of interest such as historical sites or National Parks such as the Iztaccihuatl Volcano. When travelling be preparef for cooler weather in areas of high altitude such as Mexico City, where it may be chilly at night, or freezing in the winters. May and June see the hottest temperatures across mexico, and late fall to spring is an ideal time to travel to the coastal regions ( October-April) as the heat is pleasant and the weather is dry.

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